Quotation of the Day: the Genealogy of Postmodernism

Though, these days, I am reminded more than ever of the fragility of our liberal values and of the fact that the history of mankind is not, for the most part, one of tranquility and liberty, I still find Deirdre McCloskey’s warning, more than a decade ago, a priceless advice for self-reflection;

[Critics of postmodernism think] that without a belief in transcendence we ‘would have no criteria of what counts as persuasive’. Huh? Come again? Why so? [They do] not say …. I say, Relax: the end of civilization is not near, and if there is a threat it comes from the barbarians already inside the gates, the modernists of Princeton or Pasadena.

What has come upon us is, perhaps, mostly due to our very own unshakable faith in modernism and a discipline deeply rooted in it; our unbreakable adherence to conviction, rather than persuasion and conversation.

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